Friday, July 6, 2012

What are the advantages of wireless dog fences?

One of the biggest advantages of having a wireless dog fence or in-ground dog fences is that they are not actually a fence at all and instead they use a radio-signal device that will transmit a signal to a collar worn by your dog or dogs once they come close to the perimeter by emitting a sound and then a slight shock once the pets cross the underground wire.   This is a very convenient system to have, especially for people that need to keep their pets within one area or out of another area but cannot put up a traditional fence either because their homeowners association does not allow it or because they don't have the time or money to do so.  This system is also much easier to install and maintain then your traditional fences which is another great plus.  There are even dog containment systems for indoors.    So visit us at and check out our selections of pet containment systems to include in-ground and wireless dog fences.  As always, if we do not have what you are looking for then shoot us over an email because chances are we can find something that you want or need.

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