Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How Do I Know Which Gauge Wire to Use with My In-ground Dog Fence?

Ok class, let's continue on with our selection of the right dog containment system, lol.  I would like to give you a little more information you can use when you are looking for your in-ground dog fences.  What you will come across when looking at dog containment systems is that the wire that comes in the system or the spools of extra wire that you can buy mostly come in either 18 or 20 gauge.  So what is the difference?  How do you know which one will be the right fit for you?  That is what I hope to help you with today with this blog.

Your 18 and 20 gauge wires for your in-ground dog fences will come in a stranded wire which is several thin copper wires blended together which makes up the one large wire or your solid core wire which as the name implies, is one solid copper wire.  The stranded wire may be a little easier to work with and is the best wire if you are on a budget during the time of installation, but keep in mind that it may need to be replaced in five years as it does seem to be more prone to corrosion and it is a more fragile wire to work with.  The Petsafe systems will come with stranded wire although solid core wire is available for these systems when specified and works just as well with those systems.  Also, the 500 foot spools of stranded wire only come in 20 gauge.  The solid core wire will come in 18 or 20 gauge as well.  It is a little more difficult to work with but it does seem to be more durable, less corrosive,  and stronger.  It is said that the solid core wire should last about twice as long as the stranded wire.  Most of the Innotek 20 gauge dog containment systems will come with solid core wire.  

When you are looking at the differences between the 18 and 20 gauge wire let me give you some guidelines to use. 

Use 18 gauge wire if you fall within any of the following categories:  burying the wire in rocky soil or rocks, if you are not going to bury the wire at all, if you have a lot of trees or vegetation, or if you have larger than five acres.

Use 20 gauge wire if you fall within any of the following categories:  burying the wire in loose sand or clay soil, if you plan to put the wire next to a fence, if you have few trees or vegetation, and if you have an area less than five acres.

To recap,  for the most part, your dog containment systems and extra wire spools will come with either 18 or 20 gauge wire and either stranded or solid core wire.  The 18 gauge wire is stronger and more durable than your 20 gauge wire and your solid core wire is going to be stronger and more durable than your stranded wire.  You can find dog containment systems that will come with the gauges discussed and the wire types discussed.  Use the guide above to select the right type and gauge for your purposes.  

One last important note to mention.  Do not mix your types of wires.  Keep 20 gauge with 20 gauge, solid with solid, and etc.  Mixing the types and sizes of your wires can result in your system not functioning properly.

The dog containment systems that we carry on come in 18 and 20 gauges.  We also offer the 18 and 20 gauge 500 foot extra wire spools.  As always, if we don't have it, let us know about it.  I hope this was useful information for you and good luck on your dog containment system quest!

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